Emergency Hot Water Repair

Emergency Hot Water Repair


Emergency Hot Water Repair Guarantee

Not enough hot water? Or no hot water at all?. Bexley Hot Water Repairs will provide a repair technician ready to repair the hot water tank. We emergency repair the Electric, Solar or Gas hot water systems in your home, apartment or building. It is recommended a major service be conducted on the hot water heater every 5 years to avoid emergency hot water repairs. Servicing must be performed by a licensed and qualified technician in NSW. For many systems, not having a professional service means your product warranty becomes invalid so check your owner’s guide to find out what type of regular care your hot water system needs. If you are unsure of the model or brand you have, Bexley Hot Water Repairs will be able to assist with emergency hot water repairs in ST George, Sydney.

Before Repairing The Hot Water

What you should do!

Electric– Before any repairs or replacement, please make sure to prepare safely by doing the following or call us if you are unsure: Shut off the water supply to the property.To turn off the power to an electric hot water heater, do this by turning off the “HOT WATER” switch on the circuit breaker board.
Gas– Turn the gas pilot control valve to “pilot” setting (OFF).
Solar– Turn off the electric or gas power supply to the solar heat pump.

Emergency Hot Water Repair – Electric Hot Water Systems

If your electric hot water heater runs out of hot water before you are finished the shower then there is a good chance one or both of the electric heating elements inside the hot water tank is faulty or it is slow to heat because it is about break, or doesn’t deliver any hot water at all, there’s a 90 percent chance that simply replacing one or both of the heating elements will solve the problem.

Bexley Hot Water Repairs will check if your electric hot water system can be repaired within the same day with genuine replacement parts, but first you need to:
#Check is the electricity switched on?
#Check the power cord from the electric hot water tank is plugged in and is turned on.
#Check the isolating switch located on the switchboard is turned on.
#Check the fuse marked “HOT WATER” or “WATER HEATER” at the switchboard is working.

If you have tried to follow the advice given above and there is still no hot water or very little then call or contact us for our emergency hot water repair service.

Electric hot water heater repair

Emergency Hot Water Repair – Gas Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous gas hot water heaters can have an issue with the pilot light going out, ignition spark no longer working or the sensor in the thermocouple is dead. As you must be aware, all instantaneous gas hot water heaters need to be regularly serviced to operate at the highest safety level at all times. Your gas heating systems must be serviced at least once every two years by licensed and qualified technicians.

A maintenance check before the winter months where we all use a little more gas for hot water heating will ensure your family receives the constant hot water supply they seek.

Gas hot water heater repair

Emergency Hot Water Repair – Solar Hot Water Systems

There are two kinds of solar water heating systems. One is a closed-loop system used for heating spaces and the more common is a split system to heat water for domestic use in the bathroom for showering and the kitchen for washing dishes and cooking. Both systems use pumps to circulate the heated water. The most common solar water heater is an integrated tank model. This consists of both solar panels and a booster either electric or gas heat pump. If the pump breaks then the entire solar heating system doesn’t work anymore and the hot water stops moving. Hot water heat pumps can wear out, the temperature sensor wire can malfunction or expansion tank can start to corrode over time and will need replacing because the hotter the water they pump, the more frequent and the faster the usage will be and it may wear out. Some pumps contain removable cartridges while others need to be completely replaced when they malfunction.

Solar hot water heater repair

Emergency Hot Water Repair – Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat Pumps are the energy saving alternative to solar hot water. By combining an air filter with a device that transfers heat from a colder area to a hotter area by using mechanical energy, as in a refrigerator saves on energy consumption. All heat pumps have a hot water storage tank which can also be boosted by an electric connection. As a new alternative to energy savings, heat pumps are quiet and long lasting.

Heat pump failures are often caused by faulty thermostat malfunctions. For emergency hot water repairs be sure to check the thermostat has the correct temperature set. Also be careful of loose wires and check the heat pump is receiving power.

Heat Pump hot water heater repair